Huskies News · Summer Conditioning Schedule

Harlem High School Summer Conditioning Schedule Groups of 10 or less.

Voluntary conditioning begins on Monday, June 26, 2020. Due to Covid-19, all athletes will need to bring their own water, filled out waiver day 1 and two shirts if utilizing the weight room. All surfaces will be sanitized after use. Water refills are not available at this time. Please bring a sufficient amount of water.  You must check in with a mask on. Temperature will be checked via no contact thermometer daily. There will be a series of questions as well.


If you feel that you have the symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home. Your health and the health of your teammates and coaches is important to us!


Football & Wrestling: MWF 7am-7pm. Contact  or to schedule your time.  Location: Check in at door 7. Will be on Turf and weight room

Boys Basketball: TTh 7am-12pm. Contact  Check in at door 7. Will be on Turf and Weight room.

Girls Basketball MTW  5pm-7pm. Contact Will be on Turf and weight room.

Boys Soccer: MW  8am-11am. Contact Will be on turf.

Girls Volleyball  MWTh. Contact Will be on practice field and or track.